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Titus Aurelius Fulvius Boionius Antoninus (Pius)
CommonName:     Antoninus Pius
Full Name:  Titus Aurelius Fulvius Boionius Antoninus (Pius)
Reign:  138-161 AD
Title:  Emperor
Born:  86 AD
Died:  161 AD
Relationship:  Adopted son of Hadrian
    The family of Antoninus was of Gaulish extraction, from Nemausus, probably descended from Roman colonists. A civilian, whose career was spent in such posts as judge and proconsul, he had an excellent reputation for both honesty and competence. He was selected by Hadrian on the death of Aelius, and during Hadrian's last illness he administered the empire. He succeeded without incident.
    His first duty was to request that Hadrian be deified and his actions ratified. The Senate was not especially happy about either, but Antoninus's tact and deference worked wonders. His attitude, both toward Hadrian and toward the Senate, inspired the Senate to award him the title of Pius, to recognize his dutifulness.
Antoninus's rule was generally peaceful and prosperous, with the occasional border raid to provide occasional interest. Antoninus preferred to settle disputes by diplomacy, and he did not travel. He lived on his own estates; as one of the richest men of the Empire he could afford to support himself, and as one who was conscientious he preferred not to charge the public for what he could easily afford.
    Although the source material for the reign is scanty at best - probably reflecting the dearth of those unpleasant events which comprise most ancient histories - we do have the pangyric in the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, which praises Antoninus as one who was entirely blameless, with an entirely clear conscience; no mean feat for an absolute ruler.

Antoninus Pius. Syria, Cyrhestica. Hieropolis. 138-161 AD. Æ 23mm. Laureate head right / QEACCYPI/ACIEPOPO/B, in three lines within
laureal wreath. BMC Galatia, etc. pg. 140, 13; SNG Copenhagen 52ff. Fine,glossy black patina.

Antoninus Pius w/Marcus Aurelius. A.D. 140-144. AR Denarius. Obv. ANTONINVS AVG. PIVS. P.P. TR. P. COS. III. Head
laureate r. Rv. AVRELIVS CAESAR AVG. P. II. F. COS. Head bare. RIC 417(a). BMC 155. Very Fine and Scarce.

Antoninus Pius, As, Rome, 140-4 AD, 10.03g, BM p. 222,  Strack-884, C-906, Rx: [T]R POT COS II[l] S C Clementia standing l., veiled and with ample cloak falling from shoulders, holding patera and scepter. F-/F-

AE Drachm yr.23 (160/1 AD) Serpent with head of Serapis riding on horseback to right. M-2413


Antoninus Pius AE 22mm, aVF (head, cm / biga)