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The BSDH Degree Completion Program at NAU accepts university hours and a maximum of 64 transfer credit hours earned from all community colleges attended. To complete the degree, students take a minimum of 30 hours from NAU for a total of 120 hours required for graduation. The required hours in the Program at NAU consist of courses in the follow categories:

Transfer from a Community College(s) 64 hours
Core Dental Hygiene Requirements (including upper level writing requirement) 18 hours
NAU Liberal Studies Completion or Elective Credits 12 hours
University Hours 26 hours

Core Requirements: The 18 hours in the core requirements are designed to assist dental hygienists in acquiring knowledge in clinical theory, management, organization, ethics, research, and strengthening professional communication, clinical, computer, and statistical skills. Of the 18 hours required in the core, students must choose three required 3-credit courses and courses that complete the other 9 hours from a current list of 10 approved courses.

Liberal Studies:

NAU requires 35 credit hours in liberal studies courses. These courses maybe completed at NAU, the community college or other university. For more information, see NAU liberal studies .

Dental Hygiene Specialization : The 18 Dental Hygiene hours may be selected from the following courses.

Note: You will need to check the on-line listing of web courses to determine which courses are currently being offered.

Required Core of Dental Hygiene Courses (9 credit hours)

DH 450 Oral Health Research and Planning
DH 495 Oral Health Outcomes
DH 373W Dental Public Health or PHI 332 Health Care Ethics

Electives in Dental Hygiene (select 3 courses from this list for a total of 9 credit hours)

DH 300 Pharmacology
DH 310 Oral Health Promotion
DH 338 Oral Radiology
DH 369 Pain Management
DH 416 Career Management
DH 418 and/or DH 419 Periodontics I and II
DH 430 Introductory Dental Hygiene Teaching Internship
DH 473 Dental Public Health