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Annia Galeria Faustina
CommonName:     Faustina Senior
FullName:  Annia Galeria Faustina
Reign:  138-141 AD
Title:  Augusta
Born:  98 AD
Died:  141 AD
Relationship:  Wife of Antoninus Pius
    The daughter of Consul Marcus Annius Verus and Rupilla Faustina was born in Rome in the time of Trajan. Married to the older Antoninus Pius, she bore a daughter in 130 AD who was given her name, as well as two sons and another daughter. Only Faustina Junior survived her. She died in 141 AD at the age of 43. She was adored by her husband, and solemny deified after her death.  As Augusta, a title bestowed at the time of her husband's elevation to the throne, she was immediately elegible to coin in her own name.
    After her death, she was buried in the present-day Castel Saint Angelo, Hadrian's mausoleum. The temple of Diva Faustina, now the church of San Lorenzo in Miranda, was erected in the Forum to celebrate her cult. A foundation, the Puellae Faustinianae, was created in her memory to furnish dowries for poor city girls.

Faustina Senior Sestertius; Died 141 AD, ROME, Dr. Bustr./Rev. Juno stg. L. Holding Patera & sceptre  SEAR 1365