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Draped bust right. / The Three Graces stg. side by side.


Moesia Inferior, Markianopolis. ELAGABALUS & JULIA MAESA. AE 25 mm.
Confronted busts of  Elagabalus & Maesa. / Homonoia stg. left holding patera and cornucopiae, altar at feet. 

Moesia Inferior, Markianopolis. JULIA DOMNA. AE 17 mm.
Draped bust right. / Zeus seated left, holding patera.


Moesia Inferior, Dionysopolis. GORDIAN III & SARAPIS. AE 26 mm.
Confronted busts of  Gordian III and Sarapis. / Asklepios stg. facing , head left, holding serpent-staff.

Moesia Inferior, Markianopolis. GORDIAN III & TRANQUILLINA. AE 27 mm.
Confronted busts of  Gordian & Tranquillina. / Nemesis stg left, holding rod and bridle; wheel at side.

Moesia Inferior, Tomis. GORDIAN III & TRANQUILLINA. AE 26 mm. Four assaria.
Confronted busts of  Gordian & Tranquillina. / Athena stg. left, holding spear and leaning on shield. D in ex.

Moesia Inferior, Markianopolis. SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS & JULIA DOMNA. AE 27 mm.
Confronted busts of  Septimius & Domna. / Cybele enthroned left, flanked by lions, holding patera and restingon drum.