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ancient coinsancient coins
Phillip II as Caesar Syria, Antioch ; 244-247 AD, 8 Assaria, 17.83g. SNG Cop-277. Obv: Bare head of Phillip II r, Rx: Turreted bust of Antioch r., ram above
Philip I (Syria, Antioch) (AD 244 - 249) Bronze, 29mm, 18.27 grams. Obv: Laureate bust of Philip I. Rev: Tyche, veiled with mural crown, ram jumping over crown. Philip I was called "the Arab" because he was born in Arabia to a famous bandit chieftain. It is thought that he stole the throne by  murdering Timistheus and Gordian III. The 1,000th anniversary of Rome was observed during his reignand was celebrated with fabulous games for the masses. VF+